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Website Ringostat Rating

We continue to light up our cases for Ringostat.
Today we'll show you the website-rating of the context-marketing agencies.

How did the rating of context marketing agencies in Ukraine appear?
The guys from Ringostat made research and figure out a need for the rating of context-marketing agencies and SEO promotion for simplification of choosing from contractors.

Why wouldn't make your own rating?


We had a goal to make the new website for described above rating in the shortest period. The difficulties were related to database and authorization from different social networks - we were required to make a function of voting once from each social network that was important for the exception of fraud votes. Along with this the user profile must be fixed for an exact recheck of unique of it and work with these people and the exception of cheating.

It was the first time when we needed to work so fast as we can with a high level of communication. And the result is great.