Natural Stones

The web design and development of the website "Natural stones"

The web development for the famous store in Odessa - "Natural stones", which is selling natural stones for cladding, paving, and landscape design.
Before the beginning of works we researched the same European marketplaces and figured out that 95% of them have decennial and older design and functionality. As the result, we made a maximum clear website and convenience design for focusing user attention on the natural beauty of stones.

3D tour

We made a 3D tour for the website for stimulation users to visit the market in real life. 

Choosing materials online

During the communication with the founder, we developed that visitors have a requirement to "try on" stone on the planned to placed surface. So the idea of original service which gives the opportunity to try on any material on the model of a house for visual estimation was born after this. In the frames of this service in the filters of products added a separated filter with the field "fit for..." For us, it was the first experience with WebGL technology.

What is in the results?

The website systematically generates leads despite that earlier website hadn't made any requests because of the product specification.
Now, the administrator can more comfortable work with incoming requests because we connected telegram messenger and email to the website and he takes notifications there as well.

As a bonus. In front of us wasn't a task to promote the shop, but we on our own initiative made basic SEO optimization. After a year website without additional promotion has a good position in searching results and generates requests with stability. We are really happy with the result of all possible relations.