Rebranding of the clinic of laser cosmetology Aristo

The brand identity, marketing support, website for the clinic of laser cosmetology "Aristo"

Interesting fact: "Aristo" would stay as a studio if not we are.
Self-definition "studio" was popular in 2010. But all specialists of "Aristo" are doctors with medical education and that is probably NOT ty for different cosmetology centers. Literally, based on the quality and range of "Aristo" services it was already a clinic and we just helped them to realize that.
The brand identity of "Aristo" was developing around the guarantee of safety and good relation to the clients. The first reaches by modern equipment (in particular – contactless lasers), mentioned educated specialists, honed protocols of procedures, certified cosmetology facilities and etc. The second is exclusively to achieve founders thankful to whom the clinic always goes to a meeting with the client and really cares about them.

In the confirmation - personal experience. Our CEO passed procedures there and stayed happy."